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No. Each account should have a unique Processor ID. If we find 2 accounts using same Processor ID, we will deactivate both accounts and freeze all services.
YES, Every Member must SURF 15 ADS DAILY TO qualify for revenue sharing.
Yes, this is planned for long term stability. We have 20% to 30% Re-Purchase Rule only in ad packs that have an assigned daily return.
No. However, If you do recruit it will speed up your earning as we offer a generous 8% commission on Ad Pack purchases.

15no's - SEED 1 active packs required to get Referral Commission
(50% Commission Balance / 50% Repurchase Balance)
No Referral Commission on Purchase of Adpacks through Re-Purchase Balance
No Referral Commission on Purchase of SEED1 Adpacks.

LEVEL-1: 6% LEVEL-2: 2%

LEVEL-1: 3% LEVEL-2: 1%
We cannot and do not provide a time frame or guarantee you any earnings from our site.
Ad pack earnings solely depend on sales made in the site.
So if there are no sales, your ad packs will not receive any revenue sharing rewards.

But for Maturity Days = (Maturity Percentage)/(Daily Capping)
For Example:
For Seed 1 Pack Maturity Days
Maturity Percentage = 110% (this is only of example)
Daily Capping = 4.2% (this is only of example)
Maturity Days = (110%/4.2%)
For Seed 1 Pack Maturity Days = 26.12 Days

We use Paypal, Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin. Payments through these processors are automatically and instantly processed.
All purchases are automatically and instantly processed and the advertising package you bought will reflect in your account immediately.
But during some cases, it may take up to 30 minutes for the payment to get processed due to several reasons like server overload, delay in the processor site etc.
If the payment is not processed even after 30 minutes, please submit a support ticket with full transaction details.

Payouts/Withdrawal requests are usually processed within 24 - 48 hours from request. On some rare cases it makes take up to 72 hours, we will update accordingly.
NOTE: Withdrawal request must be requested to the same processor used to deposit. If you use multiple payment processors to make ad pack purchases, you will receive the revenue sharing rewards to the individual payment processors and you will be able to withdraw them using the same payment processor.
If you purchase ad packs by payza then all your earnings will come in payza only and Withdrawal request must be requested to the same processor used to deposit. Like for other payment processor too.

From Monday to Friday (5 days/Week).
Minimum $5 and Maximum Payout Daily $150, This is for the Future Sustainability and longevity of
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New Revenue SharingPlaned for life long and stability
Stable and long termAdvertise and Purchase Ad packs to Start Earning
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